110 Years of Vierhaus



We`re celebrating our anniversary!

110 years of innovative thinking and trading are behind us. A special path to success that we owe primarily to you. That is why we celebrate a common history with you that is now 110 years!





The roots of our family-owned company Vierhaus, which is now based in the Lower Rhine, lie in Essen - more precisely in the Villa Hügel, where founder August Vierhaus, the great-grandfather of today's managing partner Arndt Vierhaus, once made the imposing wooden staircase for the Krupp family.




Wood remained below the raw material from which the future of the company should grow. In the pre-war years, Vierhaus made doors and windows before specializing in kitchen tables and desks in the early 1930s. During the war, the production was temporarily switched to the production of ammunition boxes and desks for the Wehrmacht.






The war also brought further upheaval. Vierhaus was evacuated from Essen to Vehlingen in 1943. On 19 June 1948, one day before the currency reform, the company burned down and Vierhaus was again forced to find a homen.




These were found in Millingen.

In the 1970s, it focused on the use of a wide range of different materials. Thus, in addition to various types of wood such as walnut, pine and oak, marble, metal and glass were also processed in line with the zeitgeist. Vierhaus embarked on international routes early on, drawing raw materials from Italy, Iran, Honduras and Turkey.








Over time, not only a change in taste, but also a focus on functionality and technical finesse. Due to the acquisition of the Ilse-Werke in Uslar in 1990, the profile of the company was sharpened. From now on, the functional area has been steadily expanded, so that Vierhaus is now Europe's largest functional table manufacturer.





Vierhaus holds numerous patents, which are not just used within the corporate group consisting of Vierhaus, Ilse Technik and EVE collection, but are in demand in the automotive sector. The strategic focus was placed on the growing caravan market. "We currently serve 80% of the European market with our mechanics," says entrepreneur Arndt Vierhaus.





 The goal is further internationalization, in which Vierhaus is currently undergoing technical optimization as well as increasingly focusing on the expansion of online trading. "Industry 4.0 is also a relevant topic for the furniture industry," explains the entrepreneur. In addition to the stationary retail trade, with which Vierhaus currently generates more than 85% of its turnover, the main focus is on expanding online sales structures.




"The customer no longer finds our products only under a new name in the furniture store, but also on Amazon, OTTO, Wayfair and germansmartliving.com," emphasizes the entrepreneur, who has recently also made strong purchases of innovative production machines, such as CNC machines and a new packaging line that has invested in the future.






However, in the family business, the individual is still in the foreground. A joint company celebration on the occasion of its 110th anniversary is intended to strengthen collegial ties. That is why the Millingen site invites its colleagues from Ilse Technik in autumn 2018 to explore the beautiful Lower Rhine and the border region. "For this we will take a boat trip to Nijmegen," reports Arndt Vierhaus, who plans a big party on the company premises with all 250 employees in the evening.





 In the future, the entrepreneur looks consistently positive. The corporate group is in the black, although Vierhaus had to implement a restructuring measure less than four years ago. "The employees, suppliers and customers have all pulled together so that we have now emerged stronger from the crisis," explains Vierhaus, who is already busy making further investments for the fifth generation.