Design tables by EVE collection

Make your hotel appear in the best light. The elegant tables from EVE collection consist only of the highest quality materials and are all handcrafted in Germany with great attention to detail.


Exclusive and individual

Stand out from the crowd. Avoid off-the-shelf furniture and rely on individuality. EVE collection manufactures tables exclusively for you that no one else has.


Custom sizes

You know the problem: Because of a few millimeters, your dream table does not fit into the corner it should. Without us! Tables manufactured for you by EVE collection are made to exactly the size you want.

Exclusive design
With EVE collection nothing is left to chance. Benefit from the countless design possibilities available to you. Whether you choose table legs made of high-quality wood or chrome, table tops made of Optiwhite glass, smoked glass or glass painted in one of the 213 RAL colors, with additional shelf and decorative elements.


Complete flexibility

No matter if you want one, ten or a hundred tables. All products are available as individual custom-made production, small series production or large-scale production. There are no minimum order quantities with EVE collection.