Smart Mechanics from Ilse Technik




The Ilse-Foot-Lift is a new lifting height adjustment with modified release mechanism. It can be comfortably released by a foot pedal embedded in the base plate. The gas spring technology installed in the Ilse-Lift mechanisms enables a quick, easy and smooth height adjustment of the table top. A high degree of stability is achieved due to the precise and smooth running roller guidance.

The Ilse-Foot-Lift system has the following advantages:

  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Smooth and fast height adjustment of at least 19 cm
  • Millimetre-accurate height adjustment to suit the sitting position
  • Height adjustable to other tables
  • Anti-twisting guidance of the table top at the adjustment process
  • Stable in any height setting
  • Durable and maintenance-free mechanics
  • Watch the video "Foot Lift"