Made in Germany



Quality made in Germany by Vierhaus, EVE collection and Ilse Technik



This is why we produce in Germany





 Environmentally friendly


There are no long transport distances on which climate-damaging CO2 is released.





By minimizing outsourced intermediate steps and a high level of production depth, the error rate in production is kept low. The close contact between producers, trade and consumers allows for high quality controls and consistent quality.



When it comes to service and advice, you benefit greatly from German products. Do you need a specific screw for your old Vierhaus or Ilse Technik table? Just contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your request.



For traders abroad, it is often difficult for the consumer to understand where his money goes. When you buy "Made in Germany" products, you will create and maintain jobs and apprenticeship places in Germany and also strengthen the German economy.




Vierhaus, EVE collection and Ilse Technik






From the very beginning, which means for more than a hundred years now, Vierhaus has been producing in Germany. Most of the carefully selected materials originate from our home country.

With every table by Vierhaus you get a piece of real quality that lasts a lifetime.



EVE collection


The elegant coffee and side tables of the manufactory EVE collection are all made by hand in Germany. Recently, the company centralized production to a single location, resulting in even fewer transport routes. For your exclusive table only the highest quality materials are used and processed with attention to detail.


Ilse Technik


Ilse Technik's Smart Mechanics are a good example of German engineering. All mechanics are developed, tested and produced here with care and competence.

From the innovative TV holder system for motorhomes to the clever, infinitely variable height adjustment for your coffee table - Ilse Technik finds a solution for everything.